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Dazu City Celebration

A great adventure as we are asked to be the honored guest at a city celebration

After our trip to the Beishan Rock Carvings and a bit of time relaxing in our hotel room, we set out to see how the senior citizens spent their time in Dazu City. Normally, senior citizens in China are very active and congregate in the city squares for exercise, tea drinking and other leisure activity. We love to go visit with our fellow seniors.

On the way to the city center we found a place that served great noodles. Dazu City is a very friendly place with people smiling at us or saying "Hello" as we walked by. Felt good. Felt very good.

When in doubt, we can always find some good noodles. These were a bit different, though

The noodles were dried and looked like telephone cable wound around a core

The city center was about four blocks away and the entrance has some beautiful carved statues of lady musicians playing their instruments. I did some fill-in photography to try to capture the features without losing the feeling of dusk that was apparent at around 1830.


The entrance to the park from the main highway




As we walked around the open area, we saw the typical scenery we have come to expect in Chinese cities.

It must be China if one sees the three-wheeled trikes running around

One can always find someone practicing their calligraphy. Here she is very young and very good

We have come to always expect seniors doing various Chinese things for exercise. Here was no exception

This lady was very good and was working hard

Sunee borrowed some ribbons to join in the fun

We then walked to the far end of the area and found this huge billboard and a stage set up with loud speakers and such. We had no idea what it was all about until we were invited to watch the Dafu City Celebration as honored guests. What a great and wonderful time we had as we watched a Chinese performance that last over an hour and a half.

Here is the billboard that advertised the upcoming extravaganza. We had no clue

The show started at 2000 (8 PM for you none military types) sharp

Lovely Chinese dancing ladies

They also had a bunch of kids doing some great dancing as well

The Chinese costumes were beautiful. Yes, I was concentrating on the costume only!

The Dragon Dances

But this dragon had a bunch of friendly fish swimming with him (dancing with him?)

What a way to spend one's evening in China! On the way back to our hotel we met a fellow teacher. This lady taught middle school and wanted to meet us "foreigners." So pleasant! So very friendly! Makes it easy to understand why we are having such a great time in China.

Our new teacher friend from Dazu City

Next up will be the Rock Carvings at Baodingshan which are supposed to be the most spectacular. Tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day!

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Grand Opening Of An Art Gallery

We attend the opening of an art gallery belonging to Sunee's teacher.

The Art Gallery's Grand Opening was today, July 23, 2008, for Sunee's teacher. We, along with Tom, went to Emei City for the occasion. Our first stop was to Xiao Lin's to buy some "grand opening" flowers. Took about an hour to make all the arrangements.

The Opening mostly consisted of the local artists doing their thing in celebration of the opening. Here are the pictures I took during the ceremony.

As is the custom, we bought some Grand Opening flowers for the event with the help of Xiao Lin

Here is the front of the gallery

Quite small but really nice paintings

The artist took turns producing special art for the occasion

Sunee hopes to master the art of caligraphy one of these days

In between producing art, the artists discussed their works with us

Tom and a middle school English teacher admire the many works

This is the gallery owner's father. One of the best known artist in China. He is in his 90s.

A local TV station interviews Tom about the opening

The foreign guests

Here is one of the finished products

When one gets done with the masterpiece, one must CHOP it

After the ceremony we all went to a restaurant for lunch. Mighty fine food was provided.

All-in-all it was another interesting and unique experience for us. Just another adventure in China.

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Final Week of Classes

Southwest Jiaotong University - Emei Branch just finished the final week

Here are my students this past semester at Southwest Jiaotong University - Emei Branch.

Freshman class #1 of Extensive Reading

Freshman class #2 of Extensive Reading

Freshman class #3 of Extensive Reading

Sophomore class #1 of Newspaper and Journal Reading

Sophomore class #2 of Newspaper and Journal Reading

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American Independence Day Celebration 2008

The available Americans in Emei City celebrate the holiday

It was the Fourth of July and time to celebrate for us Americans. John had to go to Chengdu to get a physical for his new job in Guiyang so the rest of us Americans got together for an Independence day celebration at a local restaurant. We took some Chinese friends with us and mad some more friends. Everyone celebrated (A LOT).

Mr. Bogdan meeting and greeting the guests

The selected restaurant

During the dinner the celebrations begin, Chinese style

Celebrating with everyone in the restaurant

Celebrations continue

I celebrate with tea as I do not drink alcohol

We celebrated with everyone in the restaurant many times over

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Guiyang Epilogue

Meeting once more with our Guiyang students for an Emei Mountain dining experience

I called Grace and set up a time for all of us Earthquake Runners to meet and discuss our fond memories of our Guiyang Adventure. Craig, Grace and Katherine met Sunee, John and I by the Bank of China and we took a van to a local restaurant not far from the school for Chinese Medicine.

Where shall we go to eat dinner?

We had some different dishes and had a great time visiting about our experiences and what the future holds. After dinner we all walked back to Southwest Jiaotong University campus.

John elaborates on his new found job in Guiyang

Some local Emei dishes

Grace really loves this dish

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SURPRISE! Classes Canceled For At Least A Month

Awaiting word when we will have to be here to finish out the semester


Just got a call from Zoe informing us that the university will be closed down for a month. Obviously this is to let the situation across Sichuan calm down and let the government get a handle on the earthquake disaster. We will be told Friday when we will have to report back to school but it looks like at least a month.

I am in the process of planning our trip to Guizhou and possibly the Guilin area again. May even make that trip to Kunming with John and Tom. Time will tell. Got a lot to do before we start on any trip.

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Another Warning, Another Long Night

CCTV warned us again that another powerful tremor was possible in the next 24 hours



We saw them today
Walking on the street
Students with their bedrolls
Looking for a place to stay

Another warning, a repeat

Of a warning from yesterday
We live on the second floor
The apartment on the right

Figure we can make it to safety
If things begin to shake

Called Ms. Zoe to ask
If everything was alright

No classes tomorrow
Won’t make that mistake
Our students aren’t a happy lot

With warnings left and right

Better to be tired at night

Than in an earthquake caught

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A Morning Warning

A knock on our door to tell us about a "coming" earthquake

0 °F

We got a knock on our door at 12:45 this morning just after Sunee got a call from her friend in Emei City. Seems the government gave out a warning of another earthquake. All the students were herded out of their dorms and taken to the athletic field where they spent the night.

The earthquake was supposed to occur at 3 pm. I could have sworn that there was no way to predict earthquakes so I double checked on the internet and came up with the answer - still no way.

Sunee got prepared and we figured we could run to safety from our second floor apartment. As for me, I went back to bed. I had eaten something bad on Sunday and did not feel well, still weak from the bad milk. Got more knocks wanting us to come down and run to safety with our pillows and blankets in hand. We decided to pass on that action. John, next door, also passed. In fact, he passed so hard, no one could roust him out of bed!

This morning I was tired and knew there would be no classes. John knocked on the door at around 7:30 so I got ready and went with him, told him no classes. Sure enough - no classes. We visited with our most be "comrade" and she explained what happened to us. No school. We had walked down to my classroom where one of my students showed up and was doing self study. Visited with her about what happened. She and her friend did not heed the call, were not afraid and decided to stay in their room. Nope, the teachers came and got her and her friend and they slept in tents at the athletic field.

Catherine is a serious student but, today, very lonely indeed

John and I then walked over to the field where I took some pictures of the now empty or close to empty field. We then walked down the hill bought some ice cream and other breakfast and back to the apartment.

The sleeping arrangements for our students last night

No class. Well, that only means I will have to double up on some of the material in my culture class!

So far, we are not seeming to get back to normal. Maybe next week.

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Classes Resume Today

Southwest Jiaotong University - Emei will be back in business 15 May 2008


I just got word from the administration that we will resume our classes today. I have two classes in the morning, the first at 0800 and the second at 0950. No one seems to be happy with this decision as we are all tired and miserable from the earthquake, expectations of earthquakes and the ever decreasing aftershocks.

My plan: take my video camera to class and record the reactions of the students to the events of the week.

Get ready for more video to be posted here soon on student thoughts and reactions

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A discussion of four expats living in Emei City about their experiences during the 12 May 2008 Sichuan earthquake


We decided to all go get a late breakfast. Since it was after 10 am, many restaurants were not open. We walked down the street from Southwest Jiaotong Univeristy - Emei Branch to the main street, about a fifteen minute walk.

The restaurant we chose had no dumplings so we all settled for noodles. Here is our conversation as we share our experience about the earthquake the day before.

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