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Chinese Watercolor Learning

Sunee spends her time in the afternoon, studying Chinese watercolor near the Three Gorges Museum

We had a quick lunch around the corner from our hotel. Very cheap and very good. Sunee had an appointment to study Chinese watercolor and I was going to visit the Three Gorges Museum. I have already made an input for the Museum so this will be Sunee's watercolor input.

Fast food lunch of Kung Pao Chicken. Not bad and for around 8 Yuan if memory serves me correctly

This is the entrance to the Curio Shops where the instruction was to take place. This was taken the week before when Lillian showed us around.

Plenty of art stuff to shop for so we spent some time shopping for brushes and paints.

Sunee poses with her instruction. He was very business with many students of all ages during weekends. He was a very friendly and hospitable gentleman.

These are a couple of his students. One was also the teachers niece. Don't remember which it was.

Sunee in the act of learning some watercolor techniques.

The finished product. The teacher specialized in peony flowers.

On the way back to our hotel, I would normally stop in to the local internet cafe. Here the young ladies recognized us and greeted us warmly. They work for the second floor restaurant. The internet cafe is on the third floor.

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Three Gorges Museum

While Sunee studied her Chinese watercolor, I visit the famous Three Gorges Museum

Over the course of the two weekends in Chongqing, we found Sunee a place to study her Chinese watercolor. The place was actually under the The Great Hall near the Three Gorges Museum. It is called the curio shopping area and she found a very wonderful artist who taught painting on the weekends.

While Sunee painted, I walked over to the Three Gorges Museum. Lillian thought it cost about 30 yuan to get in but this year it was free to the public.

The Three Gorges Museum from in front of the Great Hall of the People.

As I walked across the square, I came across this lovely statue

The museum is huge. It has four levels and four huge exhibit halls on each level. I took a lot of pictures and decided to show a few of these pictures to give you an idea of what was in the museum

These statues were two of about a dozen that depicted important figures in Chinese history that relate to the Three Gorges area

The museum was full of ancient bronze from the area

An absolutely brilliant red exhibition of ancient water vessels

Another ancient bronze

As one would expect, there was a large selection of revolutionary pieces

These figurines were just a few of the thousands on display throughout the museum

An ancient stone coffin used in the area

These items show the carved block used for ink printing. Once again, hundreds of these things on exhibit

I found this carved block to be really strange. Are these aliens from a different planet?

The view as one leaves the Three Gorges Museum. The day was beautiful, don't you think?

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