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Trip To Chongqing

Another Chinese Adventure to two of the "furnace cities" of China, Chongqing and Wuhan

The Bus Trip

We had decided to take the bus from Emei for its convenience, paying 115 yuan for each of us to get to Chongqing. John was good enough to walk over to the bus station at the base of Emei Mountain and visited with us until our bus left at 0830. He had just gotten back from Chongqing and was very impressed with the city and its many offerings. We were excited about going to Chongqing.




The trip to Chongqing on the bus was pleasant. The bus seats were comfortable and we made a couple of “pit stops” along the way to relieve any pressure. The trip took a total of seven hours, arriving in Chongqing at around 1500. The scenery between Emei and Chongqing was the typical Sichuan scenes of agriculture, nondescript towns and villages and hills covered with tea plants. Impressive and interesting last year but no longer held much interest for us since we live in one of the major tea producing and agriculture areas of China.


My first glimpse of Chongqing, however, was impressive. Giant skyscrapers on two sides of the Yangtze River sprouting up on mountains. The Mountain City is exactly what it is!





As is always the case in Asia, the touts were out in force as we stepped off the bus. And, as is always the case, we followed along with one of these touts. She was pleasant and smiling all the way up to the hotel she had chosen for us. Hotel! Well, it was more like an apartment building that had the empty rooms converted to a hotel. Large but dirty and with little or no hotel amenities. One night, the first night, so what the heck! The view from the balcony was almost worth the price of 180 Yuan as we were on the 28th floor overlooking the river. At night the view was easily worth the Yuan.



One of these days we will overcome our eagerness to be touted as we get off our mode of transportation. Until that day comes, we will probably continue to provide income to these individuals and their kick-back scams.

A Bad Location

The remainder of our first day in Chongqing, once we were settled in, was to realize just how bad a location we were given. Not much to do and not many restaurants. A purely residential area and under construction to boot. The people we met, though, were very friendly and easy to visit with. They all seemed to have a very sincere grasp of what it means to be a foreigner in a foreign land and they, almost to a person, were eager to assist in any and all areas. It felt good!

We found a little noodle shop and had a quick dinner then walked around the area. Upper middle class business area with lots of construction. Not far from our hotel I saw the Big Mosque. Just another hotel looking building with the curved arabic doors and Islam symbols. Nothing special at all. One thing for sure, it was hot. I mean super hot and just walking the few blocks tired us out considerably. Chongqing is definitely an oven!

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